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Stylish Blinds, Awnings & Shutters in Eastern Suburbs Sydney

Blinds are an integral part of almost all the homes in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. Awnings not just protects your home from sun and rain but also adds to the energy efficiency of your home.

Blinds and awnings from Kingsford Blinds and Awnings are not only attractive and practical but also affordable. Our awnings prevent the heat of the sun from entering the house in the summer, thus keeping it cooler. In winters it reduces drafts and retains warmth. In both cases, it saves the energy that might get lost in cooling or heating the house.

We have a wide range of designer colors and patterns. Also, our blinds and awnings are long-lasting and are made of UV resistant materials. We provide both blinds and awnings to many houses in the eastern suburbs of Sydney. You can control them with a manual crank, heavy-duty spring roller, or even with the touch of a button for our motorised awnings. They can even be integrated with your smart devices and voice activated.

You can ask Kingsford Blinds and Awnings to install weather sensors. They can automatically move your blinds and awnings according to the weather. You can always count on us for providing the best quality blinds for your homes. These awnings will provide a lifetime of performance in protecting your home from the harshness of weather. We never compromise in quality. Also, we are always available for any kind of assistance you might need with your blinds or your awnings.