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Trendy Blinds, Shutters, Canvas Window Awnings & Screen Sliding Doors in Vaucluse, NSW

Kingsford Blinds is the prime supplier of shutters and blinds for residents in Vaucluse. Installing them is simple and their quality will add to the grace of decor. We have a wide range of blinds, of all colors and patterns, be it manual, automatic or electronic.

You can be assured about the quality of materials and components that makes the blinds and shutters incredibly durable and easy to use. Our technology in blinds is so advanced that you can operate them and control them using your phone or a remote.

Vaucluse is also our top market for screen sliding doors and canvas window awnings. We supply customised sliding doors to meet your requirement. Our canvas window awnings are also of top quality and are best for any window that is hard to reach. The awnings are cord operated and hence are easy to use.

Kingsford Blinds have years of experience that we use to provide customer satisfaction in all possible ways. In case if any queries or doubts, our experts will be more than happy to help. We can customise not only shutters and blinds but also screen sliding doors and canvas window awnings for you. All you have to do is contact us at our store near Vaucluse or on our website.